Sapphire Coast Buslines transports over 2500 school students to 14 schools, route services between Eden and Bega and demand-responsive. Sapphire Coast Buslines also supplies buses for cruise ships, group charters and school excursions.To provide these services Sapphire Coast Buslines has a range of buses it uses.

School Buses:

All our school buses that have been purchased in the last few years have a 57 seat capacity with seat belts, air conditioned and luggage capacity. Bus prior to this generally our school were between 57-61 seats with standing capacity, bench seating, mix of air-conditioning and luggage capacity. All our school buses though are in the process of being retro fitted with new seats that have seat belts. For large charter events our school buses with bench seats allows for some standees and can be easier for loading and unloading.

Semi Coaches:

We have a couple semi coach buses that have individual seats, two TV’s, air-conditioning with luggage capacity that can be used for away charters. These buses though don’t have toilets but that enables extra seating capacity.

Low Floor Buses:

Are used on our passenger routes for accessible transport and are used for shuttles on cruise days or for local events.

On-demand Buses:

are 12-16 seat buses that are used for our on-demand services but can be used for charters when not in service.