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Don’t forget your Bus Pass kids!


Do I need to have a bus pass to travel on the bus?

Yes – As part of our obligation as the school bus operators, we must ensure all children have a valid bus pass. Over the remainder of the term, our bus drivers will be asking to see bus passes. Please assist our bus drivers and have your bus passes ready when boarding the bus.

I have applied for my child bus pass can he/she now travel on the bus?

Yes, he/she can travel on the bus. While you are waiting to receive the bus pass you can print off and use the Application ID number as proof that you have submitted the application.

Please remember that if you need to apply, change or update any details this can be done online via the TFNSW website.

*Please note the TFNSW webpage is currently incompatible with some versions of the website browsers. We suggest using alternative browsers to lodge your application. Having problems with your online application? Please contact TFNSW on 131500.