In response to yesterdays announcement about physical distancing on public transport in NSW please note that this does not apply to dedicated school bus services.  SCB does have some school buses that are also public passenger services.

You will not see the green sit here stickers on dedicated school buses.  Children are asked where possible to sit in sibling groups and physically distance themselves if there are enough seats available to do so:

Children will not be left behind, all children have the right to travel and will be picked up and taken to school.

If your child catches bus 310, 354 or 338 these buses will have stickers on them, however this only applies to passengers that travel on these buses when it is on a passenger run; the stickers do not apply for the children travelling on the bus for school.

If you would like more information on actions SCB are taking in relation to Covid-19 this can be found on our website.


Risk Assessment: COVID Risk Assesment

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