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Sapphire Coast Buslines Disabilities Discrimination Policy

Disabilities Discrimination Policy

Sapphire Coast Buslines (SCB) recognise people with disabilities or special needs have the same rights of access to bus services as any other customer.  SCB aim to make their services accessible to customers with disabilities or special needs in line with Disability Discrimination Act (1990) compliance time lines and also by providing assistance programs.  All drivers are encouraged to provide assistance to customers with disabilities or special needs where practicable and when requested.

SCB's action plan aims to:

  • Eliminate discrimination in an active way
  • Ensure compliance with the Disabilities Discrimination Act (DDA)
  • Improve services to all existing passengers
  • Enhance our general disability awareness

Customer Service to People with Special Needs

  • All employees are trained to be aware of the needs of people with special needs, disabilities or the elderly and must offer, without discrimination, the same level of service to all customers.
  • Where customer complaints are received in relation to DDA issues, the company will thoroughly investigate the matter and implement corrective measures where necessary.
  • SCB provide specialised services, such as demand responsive services like Flexi Bus with low floor buses, in-order to make services more accessible to customers with special needs, disabilities or the elderly.
  • SCB value consultation with customers to develop programs, such as accessible website and timetables, to better serve our customers with special needs.

Priority Wheelchair Spaces

  • Our wheelchair accessible buses provide one or two priority spaces for people in wheelchairs.
  • Customers in a wheelchair have first priority to use these spaces, then a child in a pram or stroller, and then any other passenger.

Visual and Hearing-Impaired Customers

  • Our drivers are instructed to pick up or set down a visually or hearing-impaired person and their assistance dog at any point along the bus route, provided it is safe for both the driver and the customer.

Child Passenger in Pram or Stroller

  • On a low-floor bus with wheelchair access and priority spaces, a child may stay in a pram or stroller while travelling, provided the pram or stroller is placed in the wheelchair priority area of the bus and the area is not required by a person in a wheelchair.

Manual Handling

  • Our drivers are able to assist customers with special needs upon boarding or alighting, provided the driver's assistance is requested by the customer.

Companion/Carer Pass

  • Attendants/carers travelling with a customer holding a NSW Companion Card are entitled to travel for free in NSW.

Through our compliance with the above policies, Sapphire Coast Buslines continues to be a leading disability friendly transport provider within the region.

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