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Ticketing & Travelling Without Cash Options

Tickets are available for purchase aboard the bus with cash only. When boarding the bus, inform the driver of your location and whether or not you are eligible for a concession. Please ensure that you have a fare ready in coins and small notes on hand, as big notes cannot be exchanged. Keep your ticket until you've completed your journey.

Ticketing & Fares

One-way tickets are available on the bus and if you need to change buses to finish your journey, you can purchase a ticket while boarding the first bus, avoiding the "flag fall" component of purchasing several tickets. You must keep your ticket and board the next service available.

Return tickets can be purchased, however, they must be used on the same day as the original purchase. If you want to buy a return ticket, tell the driver when you board - the ticket must be retained for the return trip.

There is a daily ticket available that allows for unlimited daily travel. The correct daily ticket value must be purchased for the longest single leg of travel. Adult daily tickets for short trips start at $5.00 and are a convenient alternative if you need to make numerous trips in one day.

Traveling without cash options

You can pre-purchase tickets for certain routes or destinations that are available in a range of options. These are offered in bundles of 10, 20, 30 or 50, with bundles of 20 or more receiving a discount. You can purchase your Pre-Purchase Tickets over the phone. Your tickets can be sent, picked up at our office in South Pambula (39 Redfern Close) or arranged to be picked up through a bus driver.

Price List

We offer a rechargeable card, similar to Opal or Miki cards, that can be used to pre-purchase credit. This handy discount debit card, the size of a keycard, allows you to travel without carrying cash. Please note that because we are not part of the Opal network, Opal Cards will not operate on our buses. Every trip is discounted by 10% on single travels and over 20% on return journeys, compared to standard fares. Simply top up the card with your bus driver as needed. The SCB Card can be shared among family and friends and does not require a PIN to use.

You can obtain your SCD Card either online or over the phone. Your card can be mailed, picked up at our office in South Pambula, 39 Redfern Close, or arranged to be picked up by a bus driver. Please note that there is a one-time $11 cost for the SCB card, which is refundable if the card is returned when it is no longer needed.

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Types of fares

Passengers above the age of 16 who do not have a valid concession must pay the adult fare.

A range of concessions can entitle you to buy a concession ticket for half the price of an adult trip or to travel for free. Please visit the Transport for NSW concession page to see whether you are eligible. Please note that concessions do not apply to dependents stated on the reverse of Pensioner Concession Cards and we do not accept Centrelink Health Care Cards as proof of eligibility. When boarding the bus, show your Concession Card to the driver to receive a concession fare.

A range of concessions, such as vision impairment or Veteran's passes, can entitle you to free travel. Please visit the Transport for NSW concession page to see whether you are eligible. When boarding the bus, show your Concession Card to the driver to travel for free.

We offer RED (Regional Excursion Daily) tickets available, which allow passengers to jump on and off the buses all day for $2.50. To be eligible, you must be a holder of a:

NSW Seniors Card

NSW, Victorian or ACT Pensioner Concession Card

NSW War Widow/er Transport Concession Card

Asylum Seekers Transport Concession Entitlement Card

Fare Band Structures as of 2021

Instead of the fare price increasing as you travel further, regional NSW now has ten basic rate bands. The old pricing structure included a one-section cost of $2.30 and a two-section fare of $3.40. Customers will pay a maximum of $2.30 for one or two parts under the new system. Each section is 1.6 kilometres or a mile long.

Fare Band Number of Sections Maximum Adult Single Trip Fares Adult Daily
1 1 - 2 $2.30 $5.00
2 3 - 6 $3.30 $5.00
3 7 - 15 $4.20 $10.00
4 16 - 25 $4.50 $10.00
5 26 - 37 $5.90 $10.00
6 38 - 56 $7.50 $20.00

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Yes, our drivers can sell you a ticket on the bus.

No, our drivers only accept cash. There are ways to travel without cash by using our SCB card or purchasing pre-paid tickets.

No, NSW Transport does not accept health care cards as proof of eligibility for half-price tickets. If you're a Centrelink customer, you may be able to get a Discounted Entitlement Card and use it to buy concession fares.