Ticketing for Sapphire Coast Buslines

Tickets can be purchased on board the bus. When boarding the bus advise the driver of your destination and pay the appropriate fare and retain your ticket until the end of your journey. Please be sure to have a fare ready in coins and small notes as large notes cannot be changed.

If you are required to change buses to complete your journey a through ticket can be purchased when boarding the first bus which will save the “flag fall” component of buying separate tickets. You must retain your ticket and board next available service.

Return tickets can be purchased which discounts your total fare both ways by 10%, the return journey must be used on the same day of purchase. Advise the driver when boarding you would like to purchase a return ticket and ticket must be retained for the return trip.

Daily Tickets

A daily ticket is available which will allow unlimited daily travel. The correct daily ticket value must be purchased for the longest single leg of travel. Daily adult tickets start at a maximum of $6.90 for short trips and are a handy option if you need to make several trips within certain sections within a day.

Fare Band Structures as of 1st of June 2020

Instead of the fare price increasing the further you traveled there are now 10 standard fare bands across regional NSW. Under the previous fare structure, the maximum fare for one section was $2.30 or $3.40 for two sections. Under the new structure, customers will pay a maximum of $2.30 for one to two sections. Each section is 1.6kms or a mile.

Fare structure

Fare band Number of sections Maximum Adult single trip fares Adult Daily Ticket
1 1-2 $2.40 $7.00
2 3-6 $3.60 $9.6
3 7 to 15 $5.00 $12.40
4 16 to 25 $7.40 $17.00
26 to 37   $9.8 $22.00
6 38 to 56  $14.80 $32.00

Concession Fares

A range of concessions could entitle you to buy a concession ticket which is half of an adult fare or free travel. To see if you are eligible please go to the Transport for NSW concession website.

Please note concession entitlements do not extend to dependents listed on the reverse of Pensioner Concession Cards and we do not accept Centrelink Health Care Cards for concession travel.

To claim a concession fare, you need to present your Concession Card to the driver when boarding the bus.

Concession entitlements do not extend to dependents listed on the reverse of Pensioner Concession Cards.

RED (Regional Excursion Daily) tickets

We have RED (Regional Excursion Daily) tickets available allowing passengers to hop on and off the buses all day for the cost of $2.50. To be eligible you must be a holder of a:

  •  NSW Seniors Card
  • NSW, Victorian or ACT Pensioner Concession Card
  •  NSW War Widow/er Transport Concession Card
  • Asylum Seekers Transport Concession Entitlement Card

For more information please go to the Transport for NSW concession website.

Fares for popular destinations in the Bega Valley

Click here for a pdf that you can print of fares for popular destinations:  destination list 2018-march5th.doc

Pre-Purchase Tickets

There are a range of options where you can pre-purchase tickets for specific routes or destinations. These are sold in bundles of 10, 20, 30 or 50 where bundles of 20 or more are discounted from the normal fare.

Order or enquire about pre-purchase tickets by ringing our friendly staff on (02) 6495 6452.  Payment can be made over the phone or in person at our office, and tickets can be collected from our office or posted out to you.

Pre-Purchase Tickets June 2020
Routes # of sections Adult Ticket x 1 Book of 10 Book of 20 Book of 30 Book of 50
Eden to Bega
Pambula to Bega
38  $     9.80  $  98.00 $176 $250 $392
Merimbula to Bega 21  $     7.40  $  74.00 $133 $189 $296
Merimbula to Eden
Tura to Bega
17  $     7.40  $  74.00 $133 $189 $296
Merimbula to Pambula 4  $     3.60  $  36.00 $65 $92 $144
Pambula to Eden
Bega to Tathra
13  $     5.00  $  50.00 $90 $128 $200
Bega Town 3  $     2.40  $  24.00 $43 $61 $96
Concession Ticket x 1
Eden to Bega
Pambula to Bega
38  $     4.90  $  49.00 $88 $125 $196
Merimbula to Bega 21  $     3.70  $  37.00 $67 $94 $148
Merimbula to Eden
Tura to Bega
17  $     3.70  $  37.00 $67 $94 $148
Merimbula to Pambula 4  $     1.80  $  18.00 $32 $46 $72
Pambula to Eden
Bega to Tathra
13  $     2.50  $  25.00 $45 $64 $100
Bega Town 3  $     1.20  $  12.00 $22 $31 $48
Regional Excursion Tickets  $     2.50  $  25.00 $45 $64 $100
Note Discounts apply to the books

School Travel

Students attending schools in NSW can apply for the School Student Transport Scheme and if meeting the eligibility criteria students receive free bus travel to and from school only. Please see our School Travel section of our website for more information.

Sapphire Coast Buslines Card

A rechargeable card that can be used to pre-purchase credit similar to Opal or Miki cards. This handy discount debit card the size of your keycard allows you to travel anytime without the need for cash. Please note we are located outside the Opal network and as such Opal Cards will not work on our buses.

Every trip is discounted on usual fare costs – 10% on all single journeys and over 20% on all return journeys. Just top the card up as needed with your bus driver or phone our office to arranged top up. One SCB card can be used to purchase multiple tickets for family and friends, when purchasing multiple tickets please inform the driver you will be using your SCB card.

The SCB Card is transferable between family and friends and no PIN is required to use it.

To obtain your SCD you can purchase online, download an SCB Card Form that can be handed to the driver or posted, phone or call into our office in South Pambula.

Please note there is an $11 initial fee for SCB card that is refundable if card is return once no longer needed.

We will post the SCD card to you or you can collect from our office at 39 Redfern Close, South Pambula.

Still have questions?

Phone our friendly staff on (02) 6495 6452 or send us an enquiry.