School Bus Stop Information

See below for school bus stops and times.

If unsure of information below and need to confirm:

  • School bus times
  • School bus stop locations
  • School bus numbers
  • If any transfers

Please phone our helpful office staff on (02) 6495 6452 or send us an enquiry.

Helpful Links

School Bus Stops & Times

Click on the closest bus stop to your location to see if a bus stops there for your school.

  • Please note times are a guide only and bus could be 5 mins either side of time given.
  • Information shows only the first bus students board in the morning and the first bus they board from school in the afternoon which there may be transfers for some students. Please phone depot for any transfer details.
  • Bus stops required at farm gates or isolated locations aren’t shown on the map so please phone the depot if you require a bus stop that isn’t close to your location.

Morning Bus

Afternoon Bus