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About Us

Sapphire Coast Buslines

Sapphire Coast Buslines, a family business owned by Jamie and Anton Klemm, has a rich history rooted in their upbringing in Jindabyne and extensive travels across Australia and abroad. In 2005, they acquired Deane's Buslines, South Coast from Jamie's parents, Dennis and Susan Deane, marking the beginning of their journey in the transportation industry.

Since then, Jamie and Anton have consistently expanded their business, culminating in the recent acquisition of Scarlett’s Bus Service in 2023. This strategic move not only reinforced their regional presence but also demonstrated a commitment to enhancing services and opportunities for their dedicated team of over 70 employees. With a focus on job creation and preservation, this acquisition positions Sapphire Coast Buslines to meet the evolving needs of the community.

With over two decades of service in the Bega Valley Region, Sapphire Coast Buslines is deeply ingrained in the local community. Jamie and Anton, who are parents to three children, actively engage in and support various community, business activities, organizations, events, and initiatives within the Bega Valley Shire.

Currently, Sapphire Coast Buslines plays a vital role in the region by transporting approximately 3100 school students to 21 different schools. Their services extend beyond school transportation, offering route services between Eden and Bega, Merimbula and Tura Beach and on-demand services within 3 geographic zones; Eden, Bega and Merimbula/ Pambula/ Tura Beach.

Jamie and Anton emphasize that their business will remain a family-owned venture in the region for the foreseeable future. Committed to continuous growth and expansion, they provide an increasing array of services including extensive charter and tour offerings, cruise ship shuttles and tours and private contract work for companies such as Snowy Hydro.  With a fleet of 54 buses including speacialised shuttle buses and charter buses and we specialize in large scale crowd logistics for buses at festivals and are adept in orchestrating seamless and efficient transportation solutions.

"Our business will remain a family-owned business in this region for a long time to come. We are continually looking at ways to expand and grow and offer more services to the local community."


Quality Statement

We, the Directors of Sapphire Coast Buslines are dedicated to the commitment of meeting, and where possible exceeding customer experiences through the continuous upgrades of our fleet and improvement of our systems.  We are dedicated to ensuring an on-time service, technologically advanced buses and coaches and trained employees.  We exceed our contractual obligations by aiming to have an integrated total quality management system that is regularly audited both internally and externally

Mission Statement

Sapphire Coast Buslines’ mission is to provide safe, reliable, accessible and comfortable passenger transport to the community and to be an innovative leader in the bus and coach transportation industry.

Vision Statement

It is the vision of Sapphire Coast Buslines to become the premier Bus and Coach Company on the Sapphire Coast of NSW.  Currently a small – to medium size business it is our vision to exceed 50 buses in size through acquisition of other bus companies and to further our goal of being an innovative leader in the industry through upgrades of systems, continuous improvement of technologies used, upgrades of Capital and planned, regular training and development of employees.

Why Travel With Sapphire Coast Buslines?

Quality Bus Fleet

Our modern, well-maintained fleet includes a variety of coach and bus options to meet the needs of your travel.

Value For Money

We work with local tour operators, venues and lodging providers to provide you with the best value.

Friendly Service

Our drivers and guides will ensure that your school trip or bus tour will be a joyful and pleasurable experience when you travel with us.

Tailored Packages

Our staff can work with you to design a unique trip or tour that fits virtually any school, group or individual budget.

Family-Owned & Operated

We’ve been serving the Bega Valley Shire for many years and are still family-owned and operated.

Safety & Security

Our tour guides and bus drivers are fully certified and highly experienced.

Get in Touch

Get in contact with our helpful team today if you have any tour and bus charter queries or if you need more information about our public and school bus services.