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Back to School – Bus Travel Information

Don’t overtake turning buses

Don’t overtake turning buses. Buses need lots of space and are permittedto turn from an adjacent lane. For more info check out the

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Don’t forget your Bus Pass kids!

FAQ’s Do I need to have a bus pass to travel on the bus? Yes – As part of our obligation as the school bus operators, we must ensure all children have a valid bus pass. Over the remainder of the term, our bus drivers will be asking to see bus passes. Please assist our…

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Bus Safety Week – Getting Off the Bus Safely.

Bus Safety Week When travelling by bus, your child is most at risk in the minutes after they get off the bus. Meet your child AT the bus stop or interchange afterschool. NEVER wait on the opposite side of the road andcall them across. If you cannot meet your child, organisefor a trusted adult to…

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Bus Safety – Driving near buses

Bus lights flash on the front and back of a bus whenthe bus is picking up or setting down school children.A 40km/h speed limit applies when bus lights flash. Thespeed limit is for all traffic travelling in the same directionas the bus, whether the bus is stationary or moving

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Covid-19 restrictions extended until Friday 16th July (until further notice).Wearing face masks and temperature screening Students and staff are not required to wear a face mask while at school. Anyone who wishes to wear their own masks in schools will not be prevented from doing so. Masks remain mandatory on public transport. This applies to students aged 13 years and over, and staff…

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SSTS School Bus Passes are on the way.

2020 School Bus Passes are out

From Monday, April 19, we will start the process of distributing the SSTS Bus Passes to the Bega Valley Schools to give to the students. When you receive your bus pass, please help our bus drivers out and remember to have your pass ready for the driver when you board the bus. More information on…

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School bus update for 26/03/21 as of 13:00

All buses will pick up from the schools as normal.Some small diversions in place for buses dropping off around Bega still. S305: Wonboyn bus operating as normal.S306: Wyndham bus operating as normal.S319: Yowaka River Bridge closed so the bus will go as far as Yowaka River Bridge, Back Creek Rd and Nethercote Hall as normal.891:…

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