2020 Bus Passes are out. See below for New School Route Number & Name Changes.

Bus passes have been printed and when you receive yours you will notice new numbers on the bus passes this year.

The newly standardised school route numbers and names have changed to ensure that school buses are easily identifiable. All new school bus numbers will start with a capital ‘S’ followed by a new 3 digit bus number,  e.g. S350. For the bus passes the letter “S” has been dropped and just number is displayed on the pass but the full number will be displayed on the front of all the buses.

Apart from the numbers changing the other main difference is that buses that double as a school bus and route bus will only display the route number going forward and no longer the school bus number. Ie old school bus 1am from Eden to Bega will now only display its route service number of 890 for its run. For a few runs where the route service is only part of the school shift then while in route service it will display the route number and when out of service it will display the school bus number.

Please contact Sapphire Coast Buslines if you have any queries or concerns about the new number on your bus pass this year by calling 6495 6452 or you can email paulj@scbuslines.com.au.

See below for the new bus numbers.


Old Number New  Number New Route Name – AM Old Number New  Number New Route Name – PM
1 am 890 Eden to Bega Schools via Pambula & Merimbula Bypass 1 pm 890 Bega Schools to Eden via Merimbula Bypass & Pambula
2 am S302 South Pambula to Pambula Coach Stop 2 pm S332 Merimbula Primary to Merimbula via Mirador & LCCC
2 am 892 Pambula Coach Stop to Hylands Corner
2 am S302 Hylands Corner to Merimbula PS
3 am 891 South Pambula to Bega Schools via Tura Beach    & Kalaru 3 pm 891 Bega Schools to Merimbula via Kalaru & Tura Beach
4 am 891 Bega to Eden via Kalaru, Tura Beach & Merimbula 4 pm S334 Pambula Schools to Tura Beach
5 am S305 Wonboyn to Eden Schools 5 pm S305 Eden Schools to Wonboyn
6 am S306 Wyndham to Eden Schools via Pambula 6 pm S306 Eden to Wyndham
7 pm S307 Merimbula Public to Pambula Beach via Tura Beach
8 am S308 Tura Beach to Pambula Primary via LCCC & Lochiel 8 pm S328 Merimbula to Short Point via Pambula Schools
9 am S309 Tura Beach to Eden Schools 9 pm S309 Eden Schools to Tura Beach
10 am 892 Pambula Beach to Pambula Coach Stop 10 pm 891 Eden Schools to Bega via Pambula Beach & Tura Beach
10 am 890 Pambula Coach Stop to Eden Marine HS
10 am S310 Eden Marine HS to Eden Cove and Princes Hwy
11 am S311 Mirador to Eden Schools via Tura Beach & Merimbula 11 pm S311 Eden Schools to Mirador via Tura Beach & Merimbula
12 am S312 Merimbula to Eden Schools via Pambula 12 pm S312 Eden Schools to Merimbula via Pambula
13 am S313 Wolumla to Eden Schools via Merimbula 13 pm S313 Eden Schools to Wolumla via Merimbula
14 am 886 Mogareeka to Pambula Schools via Kalaru 14 pm S344 Merimbula to Mogareeka via Berambool, Pambula Schools & Kalaru
15 am S315 Bega Kerrisons Lane to Pambula Schools via Wolumla & Merimbula 15 pm S315 Merimbula and Pambula Schools to Bega Kerrisons Lane via Wolumla
16 am S316 Merimbula to Wolumla via Bega Schools 16 pm S336 Bega Schools to Merimbula via Wolumla
17 am S317 Merimbula to Pambula Schools
18 am S318 Tura Beach to Pambula Schools via Mirador & Merimbula 18 pm S338 Eden Schools to Lochiel Lochview Farm Rd via South Pambula
19 am S319 Lochiel to Pambula Schools via Nethercote 19 pm S319 Pambula Schools to Nethercote via Lochiel
20 am S320 Eden to Pambula Schools 20 pm S340 Merimbula to Eden via Pambula Schools
21 am S321 Lochiel to Eden Schools via South Pambula 21 pm 890 Merimbula to Bega via Wolumla
22 am S322 Wolumla to Pambula Schools via Pambula Beach 22 pm S342 Merimbula to Bournda via Pambula Schools & Tura Beach
23 am S323 Tura Beach to Pambula Schools via Merimbula 23 pm S343 Merimbula to Tura Beach
24 am S324 Bega to Pambula Schools via Merimbula Bypass 24 pm S325 Merimbula to Bega via Pambula Schools
25 am S365 Burragate to Eden via Towamba 25 pm S365 Eden to Burragate via Towamba
26 am S362 Millingandi to Pambula 26 pm S362 Pambula to Millingandi
Old Number New  Number New Route Name – AM Old Number New  Number New Route Name – PM
51 am S351 Jellat Jellat to Bega Schools via Bega Kerrisons Lane & Max Slater Dr 51 pm S351 Bega Schools to Jellat Jellat via Bega Max Slater Dr & Kerrisons Lane
52 am S352 Bega to Bega Schools 52 pm S352 Bega Schools to Bega
53 am S353 Bournda to Tathra via Kalaru 53 pm S353 Tathra to Bournda via Kalaru
54 am 885 Tathra to Bega Schools 54 pm S354 Bega Primary Schools and Bega Town drop offs
54 am S354 Bega town pickups in Bega St, East St, Upper St and Newtown Rd 54 pm 885 Bega HS to Tathra
55 am S355 Tathra Thompsons Rd to Bega via Kalaru 55 pm S355 Bega to Tathra Thompsons Rd to via Kalaru
56 am S363 Bemboka to Bega 56 pm S363 Bega to Bemboka
57 am S357 Bega to Tathra via Bega Kerrisons Lane 57 pm S357 Tathra to Bega via Bega  Kerrisons Lane
58 am S364 Bemboka to Bega via Coopers Gully Rd 58 pm S364 Bega to Bemboka via Coopers Gully Rd