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Embracing Cashless Ticketing and Prepaid Options

Sapphire Coast Buslines understands the importance of modernising travel transactions. By providing cashless ticketing options, they eliminate the hassle of carrying physical currency and enable travelers to manage their payments digitally, ensuring a smoother and more efficient travel experience.

Pre purchased Tickets for Enhanced Convenience

For regular commuters or frequent travelers, pre purchased tickets offer a convenient solution. Sapphire Coast Buslines’ website facilitates the purchase of prepaid tickets, allowing travelers to select from various package options. These prepaid tickets not only offer cost savings but also streamline the travel process by eliminating the need for individual ticket purchases for each journey.

Traveling without cash options

Pre Purchased tickets  – We offer pre-purchased tickets for passengers who may not always have cash on hand to pay the driver. These tickets can also be useful for organisations, businesses, or schools to distribute as needed to those who require bus travel.

You can pre-purchase tickets for a range of different destinations that are offered in bundles of 10. These can be purchased online or over the phone. Tickets can be posted, picked up at our office in South Pambula (39 Redfern Close) or arranged to be picked up through the driver.  Please note that the tickets are non-refundable, but they can be transferred to another person.

Sapphire Coast Buslines Card – We offer a rechargeable card, similar to Opal or Miki cards, that can be used to pre-purchase credit. This handy discount debit card, the size of a keycard, allows you to travel without carrying cash. Please note that because we are not part of the Opal network, Opal Cards will not operate on our buses. Every trip is discounted by 10% on single travels and over 20% on return journeys, compared to standard fares. Simply top up the card with your bus driver as needed. The SCB Card can be shared among family and friends and does not require a PIN to use.

You can obtain your SCD Card either online or over the phone. Your card can be mailed, picked up at our office in South Pambula, 39 Redfern Close, or arranged to be picked up by a bus driver. Please note that there is a one-time $15 cost for the SCB card, which is refundable if the card is returned when it is no longer needed.

Introducing the Flexibus App: On-Demand Booking Made Effortless

Flexibus On-Demand is a brand-new public transportation service that makes getting about without a car simple, safe and dependable. Simply reserve your trip and we’ll take you where you need to go for less than the cost of public transportation.

The Flexibus App: A Game-Changer in Travel Booking:

The Flexibus app redefines the way travelers book their journeys, offering a convenient platform for on-demand bus bookings. This innovative app empowers users to plan and book their rides flexibly, putting the control of travel arrangements in their hands.

Guidelines for Downloading and Using the Flexibus App:

Account Setup: Sign up or log in to your Flexibus account.

Route Selection: Choose your desired route, pickup point, and destination.

Confirmation: Confirm your booking details and receive instant confirmation for your upcoming journey.

Benefits of the Flexibus App:

Flexibility: Book buses on demand according to your schedule.

Real-Time Tracking: Track your booked bus in real-time for accurate arrival estimates.

Intuitive Interface: Easy navigation for hassle-free bookings.

Sapphire Coast Buslines – travel in comfort

Sapphire Coast Buslines boasts a modern and well-maintained fleet of buses, ensuring a comfortable journey. With friendly and knowledgeable drivers, the company guarantees a safe and enjoyable trip for all passengers. For more information on Sapphire Coast Buslines, phone 02 6495 6452. Alternatively, you can send an email to You can find Sapphire Coast Buslines on Facebook.


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